Planning Your Nova Scotia Motorcycle Trip

Planning Your Nova Scotia Motorcycle Trip
Planning Your Nova Scotia Motorcycle Trip

Nova Scotia has some of the best planning sites in all of tourism, anywhere. The planners make it easy to put together a custom-made motorcycle trip of a lifetime.

It all starts out with the “Doers’ and Dreamers’” guide, a 384 book filled with pictures, descriptions and maps that divides the province in to seven sections:

Fundy Shore and Annapolis Valley

Northumberland Shore

Cape Breton Island

Eastern Shore

South Shore

Yarmouth and Acadian Shore


These even tourism regions highlight the diverse landscapes, roads and seaside vistas of Nova Scotia. In all, there are more than 7,600 km (4,750 mi) of coastline that encompasses the mountainous Cape Breton Highlands, the wide open landscape of the Annapolis Valley to the Bay of Fundy shores, the rugged “moonscape” of the Peggy’s Cove area and the coves and points of South Shore. There has never been a better test of motorcycling than the great roads that follow thsi incredible seascape.

The other great thing about Nova Scotia is that you can get off the highway anywhere and take a road that leads to the ocean in less than 30 minutes. And if you get tired of weaving around the bays and inlets a highway is always the same distance the other way.

It is also easy for New England riders to get here on the high-speed Cat Ferry or up and around on the New Brunswick highways. For Quebec and Ontario riders its it just over sixteen hours in the seat. In addition you can join a group tour with others in a customized tour package.

Here are some ideas:

*The 300 km (187 mi) Cabot Trail, especially in autumn when the trees are in full color.
* Whales Watching along the Digby Neck area of the Annapolis Valley
* The Eastern Shore up from Halifax to Cape Breton

Click on this link to order your >Doers’ and Dreamers’ Guide