Nova Scotia Welcomes “Encyclopedia Titanica”

No other floating enterprise in the history of the world has attracted more attention than the R.M.S. “Titanic.” Although the ship only sailed for barely two weeks (from sea trials to her sinking) the attention garnered in recent times has spawned whole industries. For example, model kits of the “Titanic” out-sell any other models including cars and other modes of transportation. Tourists come to Halifax for the expressed purpose of seeing Fairview and Mount Olivet cemeteries where many of the victims were buried.

Now a Facebook site has a running commentary centered around the hundreds of thousands of bit of information that go far and above normal knowledge. It is called Encyclopedia Titanica and it is a feast for those seeking trivia about the disaster. Families of passengers have logged on to contribute information of their relatives’ experiences that never made the mainstream media or bookstores. Go to Encyclopedia Titanica and noodle around for a while. But be careful, it is habit-forming.